Life term for father who raped daughter

A CRUEL father who subjected his own daughter to a horrific six-year campaign of abuse has been jailed after his victim urged others in her position to speak out.

Terry McVicar is already serving life in prison for kidnapping and sexually assaulting young girls but yesterday two further life sentences were imposed at Leeds Crown Court, the 50 year-old having admitted charges of rape, cruelty, indecent assault and indecency with a child.

The offences against his daughter Rosemary, who waived her anonymity, were committed when they were living in the Bradford area in the early 1990s but were only revealed recently.

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Ordering McVicar to serve a minimum of four and a half years, the Recorder of Leeds, Judge Peter Collier QC said he taken into account that he had already served 11 years in prison, which would have been a sentence of around 15 years, the minimum given to many murderers.

He praised the courage of McVicar’s daughter and said the abuse against her was “physical, mental and emotional”.

It had also shown “a sadistic streak” in his treatment of her going beyond neglect and cruelty.

The judge heard McVicar began sexually abusing his daughter when she was about nine, telling her “this is what daddies do”. Later he began to rape her, giving her sweets afterwards.

He would also lock her in the house at weekends, forced her to use a bucket as a toilet and nailed carpet over a window to prevent her looking outside.

She told the judge in a victim impact statement: “He ruined my life and my trust in people. He made me believe I could never achieve anything.”

She said finally speaking out and the case being taken to court had given her “a kind of closure”.

“I can now carry on with my life knowing I have done all I could to stop this happening to anyone else.”