Man caused panic in street by waving knife in front of teenagers screaming: 'England till I die'

Shaun Lazenby waved knife around in front of teenagers in incident in Hawthorn Avenue, Yeadon.
Shaun Lazenby waved knife around in front of teenagers in incident in Hawthorn Avenue, Yeadon.
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A man caused panic in a Leeds street by waving a knife in front of two teenagers and screaming 'England till I die."

Police were contacted after Shaun Lazenby ran into his home to get the weapon then wielded it in front of the youngsters on Hawthorn Avenue, Yeadon.

Leeds Crown Court

Leeds Crown Court

Leeds Crown Court heard Lazenby, 47, had been drinking cider shortly before the incident on August 17 last year.

Jessica Strange, prosecuting, said Lazenby became agitated when two 15-year-old boys were shouting at each other as he left his home.

Miss Strange said Lazenby began shouting aggressively before going to get the kitchen knife.

When he returned he waved the weapon around and began screaming.

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He also shouted: "England till I die."

The prosecutor said both teenagers were frightened and one of them called police.

Lazenby was "distressed and agitated" and was waving his arms around when officers arrived.

He was detained at the scene.

Lazenby was interviewed about the incident and said he had drunk two cans of cider before the incident.

He said kids in the local area had been harassing him and that he went to get the knife to "calm himself".

Miss Strange added: "He said he was being bullied in his supported accommodation."

Lazenby pleaded guilty to possessing a blade in public.

Martin Morrow, mitigating, said Lazenby had pleaded guilty to the offence at an early stage.

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He said Lazenby had now moved away from the area, was living in 24-hour supported accommodation and was receiving help for a number of mental health difficulties.

The court Lazenby had been assessed as a low risk of re-offending.

Mr Morrow added: "Thankfully there was no one injured but it would have been very unsettling for the people involved at the time."

Lazenby was given a three month prison sentence, suspended for 12 months.

He was also ordered to do 40 hours of unpaid work and take part in a 20-day rehabilitation programme.

Judge Simon Phillips, QC, said he was imposing the sentence so Lazenby could continue to receive support in the community.

He said: "This was highly unpleasant behaviour of its kind.

"His behaviour was concerning and troubling. Anyone who witnessed this would have been scared and alarmed at his actions."