Man repeatedly punched pit bull in the face

A MAN has been banned from owning dogs after he was caught repeatedly punching his pet in the face.

Nathan Smith leaving Scraborough Magistrates' Court. Pciture: Ross Parry Agency

An off-duty police officer watched on in horror as Nathan Smith landed several “full force” punches on pit bull Kai because she had run into the road.

When the woman demanded the 23-year-old stop, Smith told the officer that Kai had to learn a lesson - before claiming that dogs are “stupid”.

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Despite protesting his innocence through a Facebook page ahead of the trial, Smith pleaded guilty to two charges at Scarborough Magistrates Court.

The court heard how Smith had been “shouting and swearing” aggressively at Kai, after she had wandered onto the road.

He grabbed her collar, raised his right hand and rained down blows to Kai’s face.

“Each punch was thrown with full force, and it was very upsetting to see,” said the onlooking officer in a statement.

The officer, who had been out walking her infant child, was left “disgusted” by the attack, the court heard.

Several tests showed that the dog, who is a “fighting dog” that is due to be destroyed unless the breed is taken off the dangerous dog list in two months, has no issues with her temper.

The court heard Smith was extremely apologetic, not only to the court but to his dog who he “loves dearly”.

The court heard benefit claimant Smith was driven by concern to protect his dog from running into roads - but accepted “his actions went beyond what was necessary”.

Smith, who the court heard had a history of ignoring court orders, had offered to undertake costly courses to keep his dog.

His watching grandmother even made an offer to the court to look after the dog, but magistrates ordered for Kai to be destroyed.

Smith, from Scarborough, was banned from keeping dogs for three years following the incident on January 19. He was also fined £150, and ordered to pay £110 costs and a £20 victim surcharge.