Member of the public detained wanted man in Leeds so police could arrest him

On Wednesday morning a member of the public helped police to detain a wanted man so officers could arrest him on York Road, Leeds.

The incident took place on York Road, Leeds.

The man, who was a suspect for 9 separate offences, eight of which were for burglary, was attempting to get away from officers in traffic.

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The member of the public then get out of his car to help police to catch the suspect and arrest him.

In a statement on the West Yorkshire Police Leeds East Facebook page, the force explained: "This morning a member of the public sighted police officers attempting to detain a wanted male on York Road, Leeds."

The force continued: "The wanted male was shown as suspect for a total of 9 offences 8 of which were burglary occurrences.

"The wanted male had been riding into live traffic lanes in efforts to evade officers.

"The member of the public managed to alight from his vehicle and restrain the wanted male and assisted officers as they handcuffed and arrested him."

The statement explained the negative impact that such burglary offences can have on both victims and the communities they live in.

It concluded: "Sincere thanks and appreciation from West Yorkshire Police and those officers you assisted today."