Nine crimes of Leeds city centre serial sex attacker Justas Liutikas

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A court heard how a predatory stalker left women in Leeds deeply traumatised by a series of city centre sex attacks

Justas Liutikas was branded a serious danger to women as he was locked up over a spree of sexually-motivated crimes in May and June this year.

Sreet stalker: Justas Liutikas was caught after a victim took this image of him as her followed her through Leeds city centre

Sreet stalker: Justas Liutikas was caught after a victim took this image of him as her followed her through Leeds city centre

The 21-year-old often followed victims in broad daylight as they made their way home from nights out or were heading to work.

Some offences involved Liutikas following victims into apartment buildings before attacking them in communal areas.

Incidents were also captured on CCTV cameras, including one where a student was chased as she cried for help before being assaulted in the street.

Judge Christopher Batty gave Liutikas an extended prison sentence of eight years and two months.
He told the defendant: "You present a significant risk of serious physical of psychological harm to woman of further sexual offences."

Justas Liutikas was given an extended prison sentence totalling eight years and two months.

Justas Liutikas was given an extended prison sentence totalling eight years and two months.

Leeds Crown Court was told details of each of Liutikas's offences against nine victims.

May 17. Meadow Lane. 8.30pm.

Liutikas targeted a woman as she walked to her car in a multi-storey car park.

The victim panicked and ran to get help when she realised she was being closely followed by the defendant as she talked to her boyfriend on her phone.

Liutikas stopped following her but appeared again when she got into her car.

The woman managed to alert a security guard who escorted her out of the car park.

She reported the incident to police when she got home. The victim described feeling "vulnerable and terrified."

June 2. Mill Street. 1.52am.

Liutikas followed the victim across Leeds city centre and through a communal gate into an apartment building.

He approached her and grabbed her by the hips.

The victim tried to kick and punch Liutikas and put up her fists up to fight with him.

He exposed his bottom then ran off when approached by a security guard.

June 2. The Calls. 2.40am

Liutikas struck again less than an hour later.

He followed a woman as she walked home alone from a night out with friends and grabbed her right buttock.

The attacker ran off when she cried out for help

June 2. Woodhouse Street. 10.15am

Another offence took place seven hours later when Liutikas followed a student near to Woodhouse Street.

A cyclist noticed Liutikas following the young woman and asked her if she was alright.

The woman began to cry and told him she was being followed.

The cyclist told Liutikas to leave her alone and took pictures of him on his phone.

The defendant then made a "throat-slitting" gesture to the cyclist before leaving the area.

Judge Batty ordered that £200 be awarded to the cyclist for his public-spirited behaviour.

June 6. Brunswick Street. 1am.

Liutikas followed a woman into an apartment building as she walked home from a night out after getting takeaway food.

He groped the victim's breast and crotch area before running off after she told him to stop and shouted for help.

June 6. Woodhouse area. 5am

Liutikas was captured on CCTV footage as as chased a university student down some steps towards her accommodation.

The victim had been out in the city centre with friends before heading home alone after going to McDonalds.

Security cameras captured the moment Liutikas carried out the sex assault by slapping her bottom as she friend to open the gate to get into the building.

The victim screamed "help me" as the defendant chased her.

The incident ended when she managed to open the gate and run inside the complex.

Liutikas had followed the victim for 15 minutes. She later described having sleepless nights and nightmares.

June 6. Water Lane. 6.20am

Later that morning Liutikas followed a woman for 20 minutes as she walked across the city centre to work.

The woman stopped and confronted the defendant.

When he refused to go away the woman said to him: "I will take your picture you idiot."

She then used her phone to take a photo of him which was later used in a police appeal to trace the stalker.

June 9. Burley Road. 1.50am

A young woman was followed from the city centre and grabbed from behind.

Liutikas lifted the victim's skirt and sexually assaulted her as she shouted "No, no no."

She managed to push him away and he ran off.

June 9. The Calls. 5.30am.

Liutikas was confronted by a woman he had spent ten minutes following through Leeds city centre

The defendant then lunged towards her with his hand but she was able to knock it out of the way.

The woman rang police on her mobile phone and followed Liutikas as he walked towards the Corn Exchange.

She stopped to alert police officers who were in the area.

Liutikas then approached the woman as she spoke to the officers and spat at her.

He was arrested and later linked to the other offences.