'Our son's life is worth more than 18 months' says heartbroken dad of Stanley Metcalf

Stanley Metcalf with his family, mum Jenny, dad Andy & sister Elsie.
Stanley Metcalf with his family, mum Jenny, dad Andy & sister Elsie.

The heartbroken father of a six-year-old boy tragically shot dead by his own great-grandfather says his son's life is worth more than the 18 months his killer will serve in prison.

Stanley Metcalf, from Hull, was shot dead by his great-grandfather Albert Grannon at his home in Sproatley on July 26, last year.

Stanley Metcalf.

Stanley Metcalf.

Grannon, 78, was last week jailed for three years after pleading guilty to manslaughter by gross negligence and possession of a firearm without a certificate.

Sheffield Crown Court heard previously how the family had gathered at Grannon's home to mark the 15th anniversary of the death of his son, Andrew, when Stanley was fatally shot by Grannon, who had a 22 calibre Stoeger X20 air rifle with a telescopic sigh which he had upgraded and modified without getting a license.

Grannon originally told police he had fired the gun at the floor to check it wasn't loaded after Stanley had asked to see the gun.

He told officers he was not aware the gun was loaded and that it was an accident.

Stanley Metcalf.

Stanley Metcalf.

'Why did you shoot me granddad?' - heartbreaking question Stanley asked
Forensic tests revealed however that the shot had been fired directly into Stanley's stomach and only a few feet distance away.

Stanley was rushed to Hull Royal Infirmary following the shooting but sadly died two hours later.

His parents Jenny Dees and Andy Metcalf, who are now campaigning for more education and tougher licensing on air weapons, appeared on ITV's This Morning to speak to Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby to speak about their heartache and the launch of Stanley's Law in their son's memory.

When asked by Philip Schofield if they thought the sentence Grannon had been given was enough, Mr Metcalf said: "Before his sentencing we were led to believe that there was a chance he would get a suspended sentence so we would have taken any length of prison sentence.

"But, when we went to court there was more that came out than what we first knew.

Stanley's mum makes heartbreaking plea to judge ahead of grandfather's sentencing
"I feel Stanley's life is worth more than the 18 months he is going to serve."

The couple also spoke of Grannon's lack of remorse to them.

In a Facebook post, last October, Grannon put: "I’m too old to worry about who likes and who dislikes me. I have more important things to do. If you hate me, I don’t care. Life goes on with or without you."

The former shipyard worker also posted pictures of him and his wife enjoying a cruise ship holiday on December 22 — the day after what would have been Stanley’s 7th birthday.

'Life is so hard to carry on and everything seems pointless'
Although the judge sentencing the 78-year-old, Mr Justice Lavender, said Grannon had shown genuine remorse for killing his great-grandson, he said he failed to convey that to Stanley's parents.

The family have now been split in two, with Miss Dees' aunt and other family members no longer speaking to her.

Miss Dees said: "I feel like some of my family are blaming me and I have done nothing wrong, I have just lost my son.

"We didn't just lose Stanley that day, we lost Elsie too. They used to be inseparable. She couldn't go to school and she was very angry all the time and she never used to be angry at all."

Holly Willoughby said: "I am just so sorry you are here under these circumstances.

"We give you both so much love."

Miss Dees has now made a promise to Stanley to change the laws surrounding gun licensing with her petition Stanley's Law.

The law in Scotland states it is an offence to use, possess, purchase or acquire an air weapon without holding an air weapon certificate.

Miss Dees is campaigning for the same law to apply in England and for people to be more educated when it comes to using and owning air weapons.

She said: “I want more awareness and education around air rifles and more training around them.

“My personal opinion is that it is too easy to go into a shop and buy an air rifle with a few little bits of ID and be able to walk out with an air rifle that is -12ft/lb and under and go with it.

“I am trying to change the law around that and get the right education in place.”

Anyone wishing to sign the Stanley's Law petition can do so by clicking here.