Police crackdown on bad truckers in West Yorkshire

A four day crackdown on dangerous driving of commercial trucks and vans saw police stop 31 vehicles.

Police have revealed the results of a four day crackdown on bad driving.
Police have revealed the results of a four day crackdown on bad driving.

They issued ten fixed penalty notices and submitted ten traffic offence reports for driving while using a hand-held mobile phone, not being in proper control of a vehicle, not wearing a seat belt, driving without due care and attention and a prohibited vehicle using the outside lane.

Traffic officers reported over ten vehicles which were also be found to be committing offences which ranged from being overweight to mechanical defects.

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The operation, named Tramline, took place at the beginning of the month and included the roads policing unit in West Yorkshire, Highways England and VOSA. They used an HGV cab to allow officers to be on the same level and draw alongside other HGV and van drivers to make sure they were driving without distractions and in a responsible way. 

Sgtt Steve Suggitt said: ‘‘We know that the 'white van man' has a dubious reputation in this country but the reality is that most of those behind the wheel of HGVs and other commercial vehicles are among the most professional and experienced drivers in the country. This operation was about targeting the small minority that has led to the 'white van man' tag in the first place. 

"‘Unfortunately we've seen a number of drivers this week who've been far more interested in something else in their cab rather than concentrating on the road ahead.

‘‘In my policing career I've seen on too many occasions the consequences associated with HGVs and other large commercial vehicles involved in collisions at motorway speeds. As you can imagine the scenes are absolutely devastating and frequently involve the loss of life. 

‘‘Driving any commercial vehicle, which when fully laden can weigh in excess of 40 tonnes, carries an additional burden of responsibility. This operation was not about penalising HGV or any other type of commercial vehicle driver, it's about keeping our roads safe for everyone and shining a light on this aspect of road safety.’’