Police find 600 cannabis plants in abadoned pub in Yorkshire village

Police stumbled upon a huge cannabis grow when inspecting an abandoned pub in a Yorkshire village.

Cannabis found in the pub
Cannabis found in the pub

West Yorkshire Police excuted a warrant at the Toss O'Coin pub in Penistone Road in Holmfirth earlier this week.

Inside, officers discovered a huge cannabis grow of more than 600 plants.

The grow could be worth as much as around £750,000 if harvested and sold on the streets.

Images posted on social media by officers show rooms full of cannabis plants, with a sophisticated set up to help grow them.

A tweet from West Yorkshire Police's Kirklees Rural team said: "Rural NPT and the Catch and Control Team have conducted a warrant at Toss O`Coin pub, Penistone Road, Holmfirth.

"Officers located over 600 cannabis plants which is a substantial amount of Drugs removed from the streets."

The pub closed down late last year.

Sophisticated equipment was also found
Officers said there were more than 600 cannabis plants found
The pub has been closed for a number of months