Police offer churches security advice in the wake of French terror attack

CHURCHES and places of worship will be encouraged to review their security arrangements in the wake of yesterday's attack in Rouen, France.

French soldiers stand guard near the scene of the attack in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, Normandy

West Yorkshire Police said it will be contacting religious establishments of all faiths following the terror attack where a priest was killed.

The force said there had been no specific intelligence relating to attacks against the Christian Community, in the UK or in West Yorkshire, but that “recent events” may have made communities and individuals more concerned. 

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“We will be contacting religious establishments of all faiths, encouraging them to review their security arrangements. In addition, patrols will be paying increased attention to premises,” said Assistant Chief Constable Russ Foster. 

“Terrorist activity is designed to create fear and disharmony within communities. The most effective way to keep our communities safe is to report incidents of hate, intolerance and extremism. By working together we can identify individuals of concern and intervene early. This could be by disrupting extremist speakers and denying them a platform, or through working with partners, such as Mental Health professionals, to address issues of vulnerability before they have an opportunity to escalate. 

“Attacks such as the one we witnessed yesterday emphasise the need for communities to come together. There is no excuse for hate incidents or crimes and we will continue to take action against anyone guilty of committing hate crimes.”