Police pay compensation to football fan bitten by dog

A football fan has been awarded £3,750 compensation after he was bitten by a police dog, the Football Supporters’ Federation (FSF) has revealed.

The 22-year-old Barnsley fan was bitten on the back on his way to Sheffield United’s Bramall Lane ground in April last year, the FSF said. The man told the FSF he was pulled out of a group of supporters by two police officers. “Before I’d even finished speaking I was pulled out of the small group and across the road by one policeman and a female officer. There was also a dog handler behind me and the dog – an Alsatian – jumped up and bit me on the back,” he told the FSF website.

“I tried to explain to the officers that I had been bitten and was in pain. The female officer told me to shut up and that there was nothing there. She told me to stop moaning and that she was bored now.

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“Blood was running down my back by now, I managed to pull my top up, even though I was still handcuffed, and show the female officer my injuries but she said ‘It’s nothing, just a scratch’.”

He said he was then made the subject of a section 27 order which allows officers to move someone from a specified locality for as long as 48 hours if they feel they pose a risk of alcohol-related disorder.

Solicitor Darren White pursued a claim for false imprisonment, assault, negligence and breach of human rights, saying it was “a classic example of heavy-handed policing at football matches”.

A police spokeswoman said: “South Yorkshire Police will continue to take whatever action is needed – including the use of section 27 notices – to police such games in a bid to keep the majority of those attending safe.

“On occasions where fans believe mistakes have been made, the situation will be reviewed and, if appropriate, action taken.”