Police pledge to "completely starve" Yorkshire prison of drugs, mobile phones and weapons

Officers outside HMP Lindholme in Doncaster.
Officers outside HMP Lindholme in Doncaster.
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A senior police officer has pledged to "completely starve" a Yorkshire prison of illicit items including drugs, mobile phones and weapons in an ongoing crackdown.

South Yorkshire Police Detective Inspector Steve Smith is leading Doncaster's Fortify Team, which is working in conjunction with the Prison Crime Unit to carry out operations at HMP Lindholme.

Police activity at HMP Lindholme in Doncaster.

Police activity at HMP Lindholme in Doncaster.

Searches are take place of the perimeter of the prison, as well as in visitor's cars and in the prison visit suites to stop anyone smuggling in illegal items when visiting family or friends.

Detective Inspector Smith said: "Bringing illicit items into prisons is a serious crime, it can bring misery to both staff and inmates and can often lead to, or provoke, serious and violent crime.

"An operation is ongoing at HMP Lindholme where officers have been carrying out searches and speaking to visitors, as they work towards eliminating these items, such as drugs and tobacco, from coming into the prison.

"We are going to completely starve the prison of these illicit items."

A day of action took place at the prison today where a number of people were arrested on suspicion of having controlled drugs.

Another visitor had their car seized after police found it to have no insurance.

Detective Inspector Smith said: "I want to make it clear that we absolutely welcome and encourage people to visit their friends and relatives. It is good for the prisoners and their route to the future, but what we don't want is people bringing in illegal items that cause an increase in violence and is ultimately a very serious crime.

"I want to warn anyone who is considering bringing illegal items to the prison that we will give them a really firm and robust response."