Police remain committed to bringing Enniskillen bombers to justice

POLICE in Northern Ireland have said they remain committed to bringing to justice those responsible for the Enniskillen bombing 30 years on.

File photo of the scene in Co Fermanagh town where an IRA bomb exploded without warning ahead of a Remembrance Sunday memorial ceremony. Picture: PA Wire

No one has ever been held to account for the bombing, which killed 12 people and seriously injured scores more.

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Detective Superintendent Ian Harrison, from the Police Service of Northern Ireland’s Legacy Investigation Branch, said that if investigative options arise officers will pursue them.

“Since the initial investigation into the bomb attack on the memorial service at Enniskillen in 1987, a number of case reviews and further investigative actions have been undertaken by police,” he said. “Ten persons were arrested and interviewed during the course of the original investigation and subsequently released due to insufficient evidence to support a prosecution.

“In 2016, one person was re-arrested and interviewed by detectives from Serious Crime Branch. The individual was later released without charge due to insufficient evidence.

“The Police Service of Northern Ireland remains committed to pursuing investigative options should they develop in the future.

“The murders at the Enniskillen Cenotaph remain within the extensive caseload of Legacy Investigation Branch for future review. If a new historical investigation unit is established as part of political developments, the case files will pass to that body.”

The historical investigation unit, an independent body detached from the PSNI, has been proposed as a means of investigating 1,000 cold cases relating to murders during the so-called Troubles.

Its has been delayed by the ongoing political impasse at Stormont which has not sat since power-sharing collapsed in January, following a political row over a fuel subsidy scandal.

Northern Ireland Secretary James Brokenshire has said that a public consultation on the proposed unit will take place by the end of this year.

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