Police want your footage of bad drivers in Yorkshire

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Humberside Police have launched an online portal for motorists to upload their dash-cam footage of suspected driving offences.

They have joined the growing number of forces in the UK which allow road users to share footage of dangerous and inappropriate driving with officers.

Driving while on the phone will be one of the offences targeted Picture Niall Carson/PA Wire

Driving while on the phone will be one of the offences targeted Picture Niall Carson/PA Wire

The force says offences could include dangerous driving, driving whilst using a mobile phone, driving without due care and attention, careless driving, overtaking on solid white lines, not in proper control of the vehicle and traffic light contravention.

Chief Superintendent Christine Wilson, head of the Specialist Operations Unit, said: “Our communities will be well aware of the increasing use of dashcams by motorists on our roads.

"Up until now we have not had the capability of receiving uploaded footage from members of the public who witness inappropriate or dangerous driving behaviour by their fellow road users.

“However, we been working hard with our IT teams and have developed an online portal where members of the public can upload footage, and once we receive the footage one of our roads policing officers will review it."

If the clip is of a good enough quality and an offence is clearly shown then police have a range of options including offering the driver an educational course, issuing a fixed penalty notice or seeking a prosecution.

Chief Supt Wilson said the new technology was in addition to roads policing officers and "in no way" would replace it.

She said: “Unfortunately we cannot be on every road at every minute of the day, but I am optimistic that this new option for reporting driving offences will encourage everyone who uses our roads to make sure that they are driving safely. The public are the best partner we have we have to set the standards of driving we expect, and we look forward to sharing with you some of the successes we know we will have in dealing with dashcam footage.”

The RAC's Simon Williams said they welcome the police move given the "massive" decline in the number of roads policing officers.

Mr Williams said: "It can be ideal evidence along with a statement from the driver which can be used for prosecution.

"Lots of things happen when police officers aren't around."

North Yorkshire Police launched their online portal Operation Spartan in 2017. West Yorkshire is working on a system.

A spokeswoman said: "Arrangements are continuing to be put in place to allow members of the public to upload dash-cam footage to West Yorkshire Police."

Footage can be uploaded via https://www.humberside.police.uk/dash-cam-reporting