Predatory sex stalker given eight-year sentence for attacks on women in Leeds city centre

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A serial sex attacker who stalked lone females has been given an extended prison sentence of more than eight years.

Justas Liutikas terrorised women as they made their way home from nights out or walked to work though Leeds city centre

Danger to women: Sex attacker Justas Liutikas targeted nine victims in Leeds city centre

Danger to women: Sex attacker Justas Liutikas targeted nine victims in Leeds city centre

The 21-year-old Lithuanian national followed some of his victims for up to 20 minutes before attacking them.

CCTV footage of some of the offences were played at Leeds Crown Court as Liutikas was sentenced.

In one offence Liutikas - also known as Gustas Adomatis - chased a young woman to her student accommodation.

He sexually assaulted her as she desperately tried to open the gates to her flats complex and cried out for help.

One victim took this image of Justas Liutikas on her mobile phone as he followed her though Leeds city centre

One victim took this image of Justas Liutikas on her mobile phone as he followed her though Leeds city centre

Sentencing Liutikas, judge Christopher Batty said: "Women should be safe to walk the streets of Leeds day or night.

"These courts must protect women from you.

"I take the view that you are a dangerous man."

Liutikas targeted nine women in total between May 17 and June 9 this year.

The defendant managed to sexually assault five of the women.

On other occasions victims fought back or Liutikas was stopped by members of the public who intervened.

Liutikas, of Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, pleaded guilty to five counts of sexual assault on a female, two of attempted sexual assault on a female, threatening behaviour and common assault.

Locations of the offences include Meadow Lane, Call Lane, The Calls, Woodhouse Street, Briggate and Burley Road.

One of Liutikas's victims took pictures of him on her mobile phone as she was followed.

He was identified after they were used in an appeal to catch the attacker.

Liutikas was interviewed by a psychiatrist and claimed he could not remember any of the offences due to the amount of alcohol and cannabis he had taken.

Judge Batty said he rejected Liutikas's claim that he could not remember targeting his victims..

He said: "Each of them was scared witless.

"Unsure about what you might do to them, each of them refers to nightmares and having deep concerns about their personal safety.

"What is more troubling is that your explanation for these offences amount to having no recollection of these matters - something which I do not accept.

"I take the view that shame and an inability to accept what you were about is the reason why you say you can't remember.

"On each occasion you were trawling the streets looking for lone females so you could sexually assault them."

Liutikas was told he must serve a custodial term of four years and two months, followed by an extended licence period of four years.

Michael Morley, mitigating, said Liutikas was sorry and ashamed for the distress he had caused his victims.

He said: "He indicated that that these offence were striking him in the heart.

"He accepts that he did a bad thing."

After the case, Detective Inspector James Entwistle, of Leeds District CID, said: “Justas Liutikas was responsible for a sustained campaign of following and sexually assaulting women in and around Leeds city centre.

“It was a series of incidents that was understandably distressing for the individual victims and one which caused us a very high level of concern.

“We mounted a detailed and comprehensive investigation to catch him, and it’s important that we recognise the vital contributions made by members of the public in bringing him to justice.

“One of the women he followed had the presence of mind to take photos of him on her phone, which gave us a very clear and identifiable image to use in an appeal to the public.

“As a result of that appeal, he was arrested after being spotted by door staff who alerted officers taking part in a proactive safety operation in the city centre.

“Liutikas is clearly someone with a predatory sexual nature who presents a danger to women and we hope it will reassure the victims and the wider community to know that he is now safely behind bars.”