Rabbit dies after thugs in Bradford cut off its ears

A rabbit which had both its ears cut off and one leg broken by thugs in Bradford has died after failing to recover from vital surgery.

The animal, named Yorkie by vets, was found “in some considerable distress” in a city park near Dirkhill Road by a passer-by on Sunday.

RSPCA officials, who appealed for information about the incident, believe his ears may have been cut off deliberately with scissors.

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He was brought into a 24-hour emergency hospital run by Bradford-based Yorkshire Vets for emergency treatment and was made stable.

An RSPCA picture of the rabbit

A statement on the Yorkshire Vets website today said: “Yorkie continued to receive the best treatment available to him at the hands of our dedicated team of vets and nurses and, once stabilised, was taken for surgery on his leg.

“Due to his size, and the extent of trauma to his chest that was revealed by X-rays prior to the procedure, we knew that surgical intervention was going to pose a significant risk to Yorkie, but was unfortunately a necessity in order for him to have any chance of a happy life.

“After a lengthy operation, the operating vet was able to complete the surgery on Yorkie’s leg but, due to the extent of trauma, he was unable to properly recover and sadly passed away.

“We would like to thank all of the well wishers who have contacted us regarding Yorkie. He had become very dear to us in the short time he spent at our hospital, and will be greatly missed.

“For those of you who called wanting to re-home Yorkie, it is important to note that, sadly, he was just one of many homeless or abused rabbits that are looking for loving owners around the country.”

The website added that no owner had been found for the rabbit and that treatment had been provided for free. It said anyone who wanted to re-home a rabbit should visit the RSPCA or Rabbit Rehome websites.

Anyone with information about the attack should contact RSPCA Inspector Joanne Hartley on 0300 1234 999.