Raider bragged 'we are LS12 burglars' after duo ransacked Leeds house

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A MASKED career criminal bragged "We are the LS12 burglars" when he and his accomplice were confronted after ransacking a Leeds house.

Burglars Sam Oxley and Alexander Flint were jailed for more than nine years after Leeds Crown Court heard heard they also injured two police officers after ramming their patrol car during a chase .

Sam Oxley

Sam Oxley

The pair stole property worth £2,000 - including the homeowner's late grandmother's jewellery - while burgling a detached house on Heights Lane at Armley.

They had used a stone slab to smash a rear window at the house before ransacking four bedrooms and were making their way to a stolen getaway car when they were confronted.

Prosecutor, Philip Adams said a burglar alarm sounded at the house and a female neighbour confronted Oxley and Flint as they left following the burglary just after 11am on April 29.

Mr Adams said: "The neighbour challenged them and the man with the face mask said 'what are you going to do about it? We are the LS12 burglars."

Alex Flint

Alex Flint

Earlier the same morning Oxley and Flint had broken into a house on Adel Lane in North Leeds where they stole jewellery worth more than £300 and the keys to a VW Passat, which they also took.

Oxley, 28, and Flint, 27, used the Passat to travel to Armley to burgle the house on Heights Lane.

The pair were arrested during a police operation on the Wyther park Estate in Bramley later the same day.

Mr Adams said in the early hours of March 7 a Peugeot car was stolen after the keys were taken during a burglary at a house in Tingley.

Mr Adams said Oxley was driving the stolen Peugeot with false number plates and Flint was a passenger when police spotted it being driven in Tingley just after 10.15pm on March 8.

Oxley failed to stop and during a police chase Flint leant out of the car window and threw a bottle at the pursuing police car.

Mr Adams said the Peugeot travelled at around 50mph in 30mph zones and drove on the wrong side of the road.

Oxley stopped the car in the middle of a road before reversing it at speed as Flint leaned out and threw another bottle which struck the police car.

The Peugeot crashed into and badly damaged the police car before Oxley and Flint fled on foot.

Both police officers in the car suffered whiplash and one was treated at hospital.

Oxley, of no fixed abode and Flint, of Holtdale Avenue, Holt Park Adel, both admitted aggravated vehicle taking, two charges of burglary and theft of the VW Passat.

The court heard Flint was aged 13 when he received his first criminal conviction

Flint has previous convictions for offences including aggravated vehicle taking, robbery, burglary, theft, assault and threatening behaviour.

Oxley also has a lengthy record of previous convictions for offences including burglary, handling stolen goods and assault.

Gerald Hendron, for Flint said he had abused drink and drugs.

Richard Reed, for Oxley said his mother is terminally ill, adding: "He dealt with her terminal illness badly, by resorting to drink and drugs.

"She is now too ill to visit him and he has been refused leave to visit her. Every day of his sentence he will be regretting his actions."

Judge Geoffrey Marson QC jailed Flint for five-years-and-two-months and jailed Oxley four-years-and-eight-months.

Judge Marson told them: "You both have terrible criminal records. You are career burglars and career offenders.

"In my judgement the only time the public are safe from you is when you are in custody."