Range Rover driver with 42 penalty points on licence refused to believe he was driving illegally after being pulled over in North Yorkshire

A disqualified driver pulled over by police refused to accept he was driving illegally – despite having 42 points on his licence.

Traffic officers in North Yorkshire pulled over the Range Rover after it was spotted being driven "erratically" near Malton last night (Tuesday).

The officers were left bewildered after taking the driver's details and noticing he had three-and-a-half times the number of points required to be banned from the roads.

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UK law states that any driver who accrues 12 penalty points within three years faces disqualification, although this can be contested in court for those with exceptional circumstances, such as driving being a vital aspect of a person's livelihood.

Police pulled over a Range Rover driver to find he had 42 penalty points on his licence. Picture: Facebook/North Yorkshire Police Roads Policing Group

North Yorkshire Police said the driver stopped last night "refused to accept that he was driving illegally", but had his car seized anyway and was now being investigation over alleged fraud offences.

A post on the force's Roads Policing Unit Facebook page said: "Last night we responded to a call from a member of the public about a vehicle being driven erratically near Malton.

"When we located the vehicle we discovered that the driver was currently disqualified and had somehow managed to get 42 points on his licence.

"The driver refused to accept that he was driving illegally, but nevertheless his vehicle was seized. An investigation into linked fraud offences is now ongoing."