Retired officers ‘may be reluctant to testify’ on role at Hillsborough

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the media”. But he said he was “seriously concerned” about the welfare of some of his members, some of whom have been retired for more than two decades or are “ill and infirm”.

He said: “Our members now face the prospect of being called to give evidence at the inquests and attend interviews in connection with the inquiry into events which took place over 24 years ago.

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“We are following developments closely with a view to doing whatever possible to support our members throughout this difficult period.”

In its report, the Hillsborough Independent Panel revealed that 164 police statements had been altered, 116 of them to remove or change negative comments about the policing of the match.

The IPCC has revealed it has identified an additional 55 police officers whose statements on the tragedy may have been amended.

The watchdog said it would start interviewing officers who gave the statements this month as part of joint work with Mr Stoddart’s team. Its Hillsborough Contact Team had received more than 230 pieces of correspondence since October, more than 50 relating to statements.

Deborah Glass, IPCC deputy chairwoman, said: “The IPCC knows the people who have contacted us are the tip of the iceberg.”

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