Serving British Army soldiers and their wives became involved in mass brawl in married quarters at Catterick Garrison

Two serving members of the British Army, their wives and a mother of young children have been sentenced for affray after a brawl in the married quarters at Catterick Garrison.

Soldiers Graham Bradley and Andrew Crane, their wives Karen Bradley and Zara Crane and single parent Hannah Carney all became involved in the drunken altercation on the North Yorkshire military base in September 2020.

The two couples were friends before the incident and have since reconciled and been posted to Cyprus together.

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A North Yorkshire Police officer was struck twice in the head by assailants he alleged were Mr Bradley and Mr Crane during the ruckus. Mr Bradley pleaded guilty to assaulting an emergency worker and no evidence was offered against Mr Crane, who denied hitting him.

Married quarters where Andrew and Zara Crane lived on Catterick Garrison

All five defendants admitted affray at Teesside Crown Court.

The court was told that the argument began with the two men exchanging blows before Mr Bradley's teenage son was struck by Mr Crane, at which point the women became involved.

Zara Crane and Hannah Carney punched Mr Bradley and Miss Carney hit his son before police arrived and arrested 'aggressive' Mrs Crane.

The men continued to fight and the police constable who was struck was 'caught in the crossfire' between them.

Mrs Bradley became embroiled in the row when she threatened to 'knock out' Hannah Carney, who retaliated by pulling the military wife's hair.

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At one point, Mr Crane paused to get a can of Rekorderlig cider from the fridge in his home and drank it while the brawl was still ongoing.

A large number of civilian and Royal Military Police officers had to be called in to deal with the disorder, which took place in a residential area of the garrison with children present. All five defendants were alleged to be intoxicated.

The court heard that the two men both have previous convictions and the three women had received police cautions in the past.

The Bradleys, who have two children, and the Cranes are due to return to the UK with their regiment in August while Miss Carney, who also has two children, lives in Marton-in-Cleveland.

Sentencing all to a 12-month community order and to pay £400 in costs, Recorder Thomas Moran said: "This was a serious incident of public disorder. You are all old enough to know better. Your put your Army careers at risk and it was a disgraceful incident. Each of you played a part and joined in with varying degrees of enthusiasm.

"The men were the main protagonists, but it is difficult to get to the bottom of who was responsible. The women stoked the fire and this all went on for a significant period of time. You all accept responsibility and most of you are in work."

Graham Bradley, 32, received 120 hours of unpaid work and his wife Karen, 35, was given 40 hours. Andrew Crane, 30, who pleaded guilty at a later stage of the trial, was ordered to complete 140 hours and his wife Zara, 36, was given 70 hours. Hannah Carney, 29, received a sentence of 60 hours.

Mr Bradley and Mr Crane were each told to pay the police officer £400 in compensation.