'Simmering tension' at Hull Prison after Birmingham inmates arrive

Hull Prison is said to be under a 'state of control' after the arrival of 15 inmates who had taken part in large-scale disorder at HMP Birmingham.

Hull Prison (Photo: PA)

East Hull MP Karl Turner had made claims that the atmosphere at the category B jail was close to a riot and there have been reports circulated on social media of CCTV cameras being burned and prison officers assaulted.

But Mike Rolfe, chairman of the Prison Officers Association, said he is unaware of any serious incidents and fears the situation may have been 'blown out of proportion'.

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There was 12-hours of rioting at HMP Birmingham on Friday, with the scenes described as the worst since Strangeways 25 years ago. More than 200 prisoners have been relocated across the country since the outbreak.

Mr Rolfe said: "We're not aware of anything going on at the prison. It's in a state of control to prevent another incident happening. We are aware there's some simmering tension, but we're not aware of any ongoing major disturbances. There's a possibility it's been blown out of proportion as there's no details emerging of what's been involved."

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