Street drinker banned from Wakefield centre for good

A street drinker has been told he must stay out of Wakefield city centre indefinitely, or face jail.

O'Neill must stay out of Wakefield city centre

Robert O'Neill has caused such problems that he has been given a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO).

Most trouble causers are given a set period of time, usually two or three years, but 56-year-old O''Neill has been such a persistent offender, magistrates in Leeds told him to stay out of Wakefield for good, handing him a CBO of an indefinite length.

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It was granted following an application by Wakefield Council supported by Wakefield District Police.

Under the terms of the order, O’Neill will have committed a criminal offence if he acts or encourages others to act an anti-social manner within a defined area of Wakefield city centre or uses language which is likely to threaten or be threatening or insulting anywhere in the Wakefield Council area.

He was also prohibited from urinating in public anywhere within Wakefield or attending within a restricted area within the city centre, including Westgate, Market Street, George Street, Marsh Way, Upper York Street, Rishworth Street, Cliffe Street and Drury Lane.

O’Neill can only enter the restricted area when attending a pre-arranged appointment or on public transport.

Glynn Humphries, service director for environment and streetscene said: “We work very closely with Wakefield police to make the best possible use of CBO legislation to tackle poor behaviour such as this and we have found it does make a real difference in improving the quality of our neighbourhoods.

"Since CBO’s were introduced we have seen secured time in prison for some of our worst offenders, making it very clear to them that causing misery to the communities in which they live can have very real consequences.”

Inspector Helen Brear of Wakefield Central NPT, said: “The order clearly prohibits O’Neill from carrying out a wide range of poor or anti-social behaviour including being found drunk in any public place, or using language and behaviour which is threatening to others in any public place.

“If he breaches the order he will have committed a criminal offence and will be subject to arrest.”