Surprise! ‘Make more money’ offer on Facebook Mobile is a scam

Police have issued an alert about the Facebook scam.
Police have issued an alert about the Facebook scam.
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Police are warning Facebook users of a scam being run by hackers.

It comes from Facebook “friends” who ask if you need to make extra money.

Police say these might not be your actual friends as accounts are being hacked by crooks offering money by asking you to be a mystery shopper and to buy several mobile phone contracts in your name.

The scammers then ask you to hand over the phone, saying it will be returned to you and you will be paid. However, people have been left with several mobile phone contracts, no handset and Facebook and email accounts hacked - putting your friends at risk.

A police spokesman said: “We have had reports of this happening with possible descriptions of the scammers as male, both of stocky build and one with a Newcastle accent.”
If this has happened to you or you have any information, contact 101.