Top five nationalities of foreign offenders revealed

MORE THAN one in 10 of the foreign criminals in Britain is a murderer or a rapist, official statistics show.


Among the 11,719 foreign national offenders in the UK, 775 are murderers, 587 have raped adults and 155 have raped children, the Home Office figures reveal.

A further 196 have been convicted of other sexual offences against children, while 32 were found guilty of indecent assault against a child.

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They make up the vast majority of the 1,859 foreigners convicted of the most serious crimes, with 15 found guilty of terror offences and 99 of manslaughter.

The top five nationalities of foreign offenders are Jamaican, Nigerian, Polish, Somalian and Zimbabwean, but the number of criminals from these countries represents a tiny fraction of their populations in the UK.

Among the most common offences are violent crime including grievous and aggravated bodily harm (1,022 offenders), possession of drugs with intent to supply (947) and robbery (977).

Just one foreign criminal was convicted of employing a person not entitled to work in Britain.

The figures were released by Immigration Minister James Brokenshire in response to a written parliamentary question from shadow home affairs minister David Hanson.