Two decades of anguish and still no answers for mother of murdered Lindsay Rimer

Geri Rimer at the site where the body of her daughter Lindsey was discovered in 1995.
Geri Rimer at the site where the body of her daughter Lindsey was discovered in 1995.
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THE LAST two decades have been filled with heartbreak and anguish for Geri Rimer as she continues the search for justice for her treasured daughter.

As each year goes by without any answers the pain continues to grow for the heartbroken mother of murdered schoolgirl Lindsay Rimer.

Floral tributes on the canal bank at Hebden Bridge where Lindsay Rimer's body was found

Floral tributes on the canal bank at Hebden Bridge where Lindsay Rimer's body was found

This year was just like any other as she returned to the spot where her daughter’s remains were discovered in the Rochdale Canal after she went missing from Hebden Bridge, Calderdale, in 1994.

She said: “It will be 22 years that we have been making these appeals, 22 years of complete anguish and heartbreak and still nobody has come forward.

“I know that the answer to this is in Hebden Bridge and somebody knows what happened to my daughter and I am begging them, begging them, just to come forward and tell us what happened to her.

“She did not deserve to die, she has missed out on so much, the community has missed out, her family has missed out and I want justice for Lindsay.”

Lindsay Jo Rimer

Lindsay Jo Rimer

Lindsay went missing on November 7, 1994.

She met her mother in the town’s Trades Club before going to Spar shop on Crown Street in to buy corn flakes.

After months of searching, her remains were found the following April.

Each year the Rimer family appeals for witnesses to come forward but have not yet received the vital piece of information that could offer them some closure on a 22 year nightmare.

Mrs Rimer said: “I won’t stop as long as I can do it. My children are older now, my daughters are older and they are helping out and they won’t let it be forgotten.

“We will do this every year until we get the answers and so will the police. We will not give up”

Detective Superintendent Simon Atkinson of West Yorkshire Police, who is leading the enquiry, said developments in forensic science offered a new hope of catching Lindsay’s killer and believes someone in Hebden Bridge knows what happened that night.

In recent years detectives have reviewed previous suspects and conducted interviews with potential witnesses from the 1990s.

Det Supt Atkinson said the force is following other enquiries, some of which stem back to the 1950s and no case is ever closed.

West Yorkshire Police has been working alongside forensic experts in Canada and Germany in the hope it will shed new light on evidence gathered from the crime scene.

He said: “I spoke about the advances in forensic science and we’re still working on exhibits that were recovered at the time.

“We are working with colleagues in Canada and Germany and we are literally pushing back the frontiers of forensic science working on this case and we won’t give up until we have exhausted all those forensic opportunities.

“I still strongly believe that someone who had a connection, either then or now, to Hebden Bridge has those vital clues that will bring this case to a close and finally bring this case to a close and answers to the Rimer family.

“I think someone that had a connection or still has a connection to Hebden Bridge knows who killed Lindsay Rimer.

“This is a very close knit community. It is one of those communities where if something like this happens somebody would know about it. The killer would not be able to keep this a secret.

“I am determined as are my staff to get it solved to bring the killer of Lindsay Rimer to justice and allow her family some closure. I would continue to appeal to the people of Hebden Bridge – 22 years is a long time but it is 22 years that the Rimer family have had to live with not knowing who killed their daughter.

“They deserve answers and Lindsay Rimer finally deserves to rest in peace knowing that her killer has been caught.”