Two Yorkshire binmen caught on this CCTV footage urinating in alleyway

CCTV footage has caught two Yorkshire binmen apparently urinating in a public place while out completing their daily rounds.

The binmen were caught on camera weeing in the street

The second incident was captured on March 1, less than a month after the first. The videos, which have been branded "disgusting", show separate incidents at exactly the same spot in Featherstone less than a month apart.

In both clips, the refuse collectors appear to relieve themselves against residents' wheelie bins, which are placed along a snicket off Post Office Road in the town.

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-> Police called to drunk woman stuck in a cat flapThe first incident took place shortly after midday on February 8, with the second following just after 8am on March 1. The footage was captured by homeowner Steve Bowman, who originally installed the CCTV outside his property to catch fly-tippers dumping rubbish in the alleyway.

The binmen were caught on camera weeing in the street

Mr Bowman said he'd contacted Wakefield Council with the footage but was yet to receive a response. He said: "When I saw the footage, I was slightly disgusted to tell the truth.

"There's numerous people along the street who own those bins, and they've all got to be manhandled by someone afterwards.

"All I'm after is an apology and a guarantee that it won't happen again - that's all."

Mr Bowman, 60, said he'd also contacted the police after both incidents, but that they believed no offence had been committed.

The binmen were caught on camera weeing in the street

He added: "They closed the case more or less immediately because they said it wasn't really an offence.

-> Cows slaughtered and sold off after dog walker complaint about Peak District herd"I always thought urinating on the street is an offence, but who am I to argue with the police?

"From the council, I'd just like either a personal apology or a written apology. I'm not after financial compensation or anything like that. "I don't think that's too much to ask for."

The council's director of environment and streetscene, Glynn Humphries, said: "We take all complaints seriously and are already actively investigating this matter following which the appropriate action will be taken.”