Video: 91mph salesman who used laser jammer to beat speed guns is spared jail

Ben Kitto is led from a van as he arrives at York Crown Court
Ben Kitto is led from a van as he arrives at York Crown Court
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A salesman who viewed speed limits as an “inconvenience” used a laser jamming device to avoid being caught as he drove along the A64 in North Yorkshire at 91mph, a court heard.

Yesterday, after spending a night in the cells as a judge considered his sentence, Kitto, 41, was told his “exceptional character” had him spared a further jail term.

Judge Andrew Stubbs QC told the Scarborough father-of-two: “Every driver on the roads of this country knows that, with the ability to drive and the privilege of a driving licence, comes the responsibility to obey the law, to obey the speed limit.”

The judge said it appeared to be more important for Kitto, who drove 45,000 miles each year in a BMW 6 series car, to arrive at his destination quickly.

He said: “For you it appears the speed limits were an inconvenience.

“This arrogance led you to fill your car with gadgets, both legal and illegal, to allow you to operate outside the law.

Police capture of the jammed speedcam

Police capture of the jammed speedcam

“You wanted to speed without getting caught and to do so you installed a laser jammer.”

Judge Stubbs said Kitto, who did not think he was doing anything wrong, had said he hoped others would now dispose of such devices.

The judge said: “I hope the message goes out from this court to everyone else that perverting the course of justice almost inevitably leads to a custodial sentence. It’s only your exceptional character that has prevented you from being jailed immediately.”

Kitto, who has raised thousands of pounds for Scarborough charities, listened to the judge’s comments with his head bowed, and thanked him following his sentence.

York Crown Court heard that he slowed from 91mph to 53mph after the device in his car sounded an alarm as it jammed a police speed gun.

The police officer realised the car was fitted with a laser jamming device and Kitto was tracked down to his home.

The court heard that analysis of dash cam footage from his car showed that he had been speeding on nine other occasions.

Judge Stubbs said Kitto did not pose a danger to the public and would lose his job and his home if he was jailed. He sentenced him to a two-month jail term, suspended for 12 months, and 100 hours of unpaid work.

For the speeding offence, Kitto was handed five penalty points on his licence and a £1,000 fine. He was also ordered to pay £1,200 court costs.

After the hearing, the investigating officer, Traffic Constable Andy Forth said: “Kitto believed that he was above the law and did not think he should have to abide by the speed limit, like everyone else.

“His deliberate action to pervert the course of justice by fitting this type of device to his vehicle clearly shows his disregard for the law and the safety of other road users.”

Police cameras can calculate the speed of a vehicle even if fitted with a jamming device, TC Forth said.

He added: “No matter what tactics are employed, you will not evade the original charge of excessive speed.”

Jamming devices are readily available on the internet. They are not explicitly banned in law, but police have brought a raft of prosecutions for using them to pervert the course of justice.

Two years ago, a West Yorkshire businessman who used a jamming device on his Jaguar twice within four days, was jailed for two months.

North Yorkshire Police said: “To believe you can pervert the course of justice in any way is simply not acceptable.”