Video: Music legend Merrill Osmond visits Leeds

They’re the chart-topping family who have sold out stadiums across the globe and shifted more than 100 million records worldwide.

Now, this weekend, Leeds will play host to The Osmonds in their first ever UK charity gala.

Music legend Merrill Osmond, who was the lead singer of the group back in their 70s heyday, was in Leeds along with his sons Justin and Shane to promote the gala, which is aid of Hearing Fund UK.

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The charity works to raise money for children living with hearing loss and their families around the country.

And speaking at the Queen’s Hotel, where the gala events will be held, Merrill said the cause was something very close to the family’s hearts.

He said: “Justin has 90 per cent hearing loss and I have two older deaf brothers, Virl and Tom. My mother and father formed the group so they could afford to buy hearing aids for them.

“We’ve always got behind causes that we really believe in and with us having hearing loss in our family, we feel it’s our duty to bring out the awareness and with the Osmonds brand we feel we can do that.”