Video shows doormen outside York McDonalds ‘beating man as he lies on pavement’

A screengrab from Andrei Osborne's video. Picture: Ross Parry Agency
A screengrab from Andrei Osborne's video. Picture: Ross Parry Agency

A DISTURBING video posted on Facebook and YouTube allegedly shows two doormen outside a York branch of McDonald’s assaulting a man as he lies on the ground.

19-year-old Andrei Osborne came across the scene early Saturday morning and recorded as much as he could on his phone

He subsequently uploaded the video and since then it has been viewed more than 460,000 times on social media.

Police are now investigating the incident.

The short clip appears to show one doorman kicking the prone man while another doorman bangs his head on the ground on the pavement outside the fast food outlet in York.

This bouncer also seems to be leaning on his head heavily, with both hands, as he speaks into his ear, at one point calling him a “silly boy”.

It is unclear about he man’s physical condition at the time but he can be heard screaming and crying “stop stop”.

Something red can be seen on the pavement near the man’s head but it is unclear what it is.

When a voice is heard asking the doorstaff to let him go, the doorman looks up and apparently swears towards the camera.

The film ends suddenly after the doorman approaches Mr Osborne and knocks the camera out of his hand.

Mr Osborne, who lives in York, said he had never seen anything like it in the city centre before.

He said he didn’t intervene because he didn’t want to get arrested himself for assault, and thought the best thing to do was to get film evidence of what was happening.

Mr Osborne said: “It was quite disturbing really. The whole thing happened between about 3-3.30 am this morning.

“Unfortunately I don’t know what had happened before, I don’t know what the fella’ on the floor had done to the bouncer, but even if he had done something like hit him or swore at him it didn’t call for what happened.

“I had seen the guy and McDonald’s and he wasn’t off his head or so drunk he couldn’t stand, he was just waiting in line. The next thing I know is I get my food and walk out and he is being tackled to the floor, the full weight of the bouncer pushed on to his head and neck.

“There was blood everywhere, all down his clothes, on his face, there was a pool on the floor.

“The other bouncer gave him a kick. He gave him a kick three times actually but they were doing stuff before and after I got my camera out.

“It was disgusting. It was really disgusting. No matter what that lad who was on the ground had done, it didn’t deserve the behaviour that was displayed that night.”

Mr Osborne, who works part time in DIY shop, said police and ambulance attended the scene and spoke to both of the door staff and to the man who was on the ground.

Ambulance staff tended to one of the door staff, Mr Osborne said he couldn’t see any injury on him.

The man on the ground, whom he didn’t know, was taken away by police.

“When the guy got up there was blood pouring down his face, his nose and he was almost crying.

“The bouncer really went to town on this lad, whether he has done something wrong or not I don’t know.

“If he has dome something wrong that’s fair enough but you don’t need to go overboard, which he did do.

“There is reasonable force and then there is what he did which was close to torture.”

A police spokesman said officers were called to a report that a member of door staff had been assaulted in Blake Street, York, at about 3am on Saturday

“A 28-year-old man was arrested at the scene and released after accepting a caution for assault,” he said.

“We have been made aware of a video circulating on social media, and an investigation into the circumstances is ongoing.”

A McDonald’s spokesman said: “We can confirm that an incident took place outside our restaurant in Blake Street and we are supporting the police with their investigation.

“The company who employ the door staff are also aware of the incident and an internal investigation has been launched.

“Whilst this investigation is ongoing, the individuals in question will not be working at any of our restaurants.”

Phoenix Security, of Newcastle, which supplies door supervisors to several venues in York, including McDonalds in Blake Street, declined to answer questions at the weekend.