Violence at Leeds pub as family celebrated grandmother's successful cancer treatment, court told

The Royal Hotel, Station Street, Pudsey.
The Royal Hotel, Station Street, Pudsey.
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A GRANDSON turned violent at a Leeds pub during a family get together to celebrate his grandmother's successful cancer treatment, a court heard.

Charlie Hutchinson struck pub worker Keiran Bancroft while he was being ejected from the Royal Hotel on Station Street at Pudsey, Leeds Magistrates' Court was told.

Hutchinson then smashed a pub window causing £687 of damage before throwing an empty beer keg through the rear windscreen of a Renault Clio in the car park, causing £1,700 of damage.

The court heard 21-year-old Hutchinson, of Weavers Croft, Pudsey, didn't get on with some of his grandparents' friends and got involved in an argument after drinking four pints on Sunday November 25 2018.

Prosecutor, Amanda Bergen said bar staff asked Hutchinson to leave the pub, but he ignored them.

Ms Bergen said: "A scuffle occurred. The prosecution allege the defendant was throwing punches, some of these struck the complainant Mr Bancroft."

The pub doors were locked when Hutchinson was outside and police were called.

Ms Bergen said Hutchinson was still "carrying on" outside of the pub, adding: "He smashed one of the pub's front windows.

"He then made his way to the side of the pub and picked up an empty beer keg, which he threw through the rear windscreen of a car. The vehicle was written off."

The court heard Mr Bancroft suffered significant bruising to his arm.

Drainage company worker Hutchinson, who has no previous convictions, admitted assaulting Mr Bancroft and pleaded guilty to damaging the Renault Clio and the pub window.

Mitigating, Stewart Page said Hutchinson had been out with his grandmother and grandfather to celebrate his grandmother's successful treatment for cancer.

Mr Page said: "There was disagreement between friends of his grandparents. A friend of his grandparents slapped him."

Mr Page added: "Everyone got involved, It was a moment of madness."

Mr Page said Hutchinson was "flailing his arms" while he was being ejected from the pub and hadn't intended to hit Mr Bancroft.

The court heard Hutchinson's girlfriend was still inside the pub after he had been thrown out.

Mr Page said: "She is shouting for him. The adrenalin is pumping and he smashed a window to get back inside, That is not successful."

Mr Page said: "It is a sorrowful incident. the whole reason the defendant was in the pub is they were there to celebrate his grandmother having successful treatment for cancer."

Lead magistrate Carol Woolston-Rigby sentenced Hutchinson to pay a total of £1,513 in fines, court costs and compensation to his victims.

Hutchinson must pay £361 in fines and costs for the assault plus £150 compensation to Mr Bancroft.

He must pay £687 for the pub window and £100 for loss of earnings to landlady Angela Holt after she had to close the pub early on the night of the incident.

Hutchinson was ordered to pay the owner of the Renualt Clio a total of £215 to cover insurance excess and cost of taxis.