Violent Leeds thug branded ‘danger to women’ after attacks with drill and burning oil on girlfriends

A violent boyfriend attacked his girlfriend with a drill and viciously assaulted another partner as she was pregnant.

Aaron Kearsley

Aaron Kearsley was branded ‘a danger to women’ after a court heard how he subjected both victims to prolonged attacks which included burning one with of them with a hot pan of oil.

Kearsley hit his pregnant partner in the face with a toothbrush charger, causing her to be left with a hole in her cheek.

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He also kicked her repeatedly in the back as she was on the ground in another assault.

Aaron Kearsley

Kearsley, 28, was locked up for four years, two months, over the attacks on the two women.

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Leeds Crown Court heard Kearsley attacked his first victim on a number of occasions.

During one incident, when she was four weeks pregnant, he put his hands around the woman’s throat and choked her so hard she thought she was going to die.

He then threw her to the ground, causing her to bang her head and kicked her repeatedly for around a minute.

The final attack on took place in May 2017 when the woman was 24 weeks pregnant.

Kearsley became violent when she told him she was leaving him over his drinking and drug use.

He hit her with a toothbrush charger which cut through her cheek to her lip, causing permanent scarring.

Kearsley also slammed a door on her leg and told her she could not go to hospital as he would get in trouble.

She eventually received medical treatment to have stitches to her face.

The unborn baby was not harmed in the attack.

Kearsley then started a relationship with another woman and subjected her to a horrific attack on January 26 this year.

The defendant hit her with a clothes horse then struck her three times with a chair as she was on the kitchen floor.

Kearsley, of Tinshill Mount, Cookridge, Leeds, then held a drill close to her neck.

Danilelle Gilmour, prosecuting, said the victim’s hair got caught around the drill bit.

A large chunk of her hair was then ripped from her head, leaving a permanent bald patch.

During the attack Kearsley burnt the woman’s arm with a pan of hot cooking oil.

The court heard victim statements from the two women.

The first woman described how she had given up her university studies as a result of the abusive relationship with Kearsley.

Kearsley pleaded guilty to three offences of assault occasioning actually bodily harm, controlling or coercive behaviour and two offences of possession of a class B drug.

Jade Edwards, mitigating, said Kearsley had pleaded guilty to the offences at an early stage.

She added that he was receiving help for mental health issues and drink and drug problems in custody.

Judge Mushtag Khokhar told Kearsley: “You are a danger to women.”

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