Watch moment police officers batter HGV cab after driver led them on 20-mile chase while drunk

This is the moment police officers armed with batons battered the cab of an HGV after the driver lead them on a 20 mile chase while drunk - swerving across the motorway.

Andrew Champion, 54, had a bottle of whiskey next to him when he was spotted at 10.45pm veering between lanes at high speed on the M4.

Police stopped the out of control lorry driver with a stinger trap after weaving between traffic during the potentially deadly chase.

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They then surrounded the cab and when he wouldn't come out they battered his cab with their batons.

Watch the moment police bang on the HGV cab after the driver led them on a 20-mile chase

He was travelling five times the legal speed limit and his breath test reading revealed that he was at 174mg of alcohol in 100ml of breath - the legal limit is 35mg.

He was sentenced to 14 months in prison and banned from driving for four years and seven months.

He was also fined £156 and required to take another driving test when permitted to drive again.

PC Jay Clifton who took part in the chase, said: ''He was effectively creating rolling barrier on the motorway and slowing other members of the public down to stop them from passing and getting anywhere near the lorry.

Andrew Champion, 54, had a bottle of whiskey next to him when he was spotted by police

"The lorry weaved from the second lane on to the hard shoulder, missing a recovery vehicle and the vehicle being recovered by a couple of feet.

"How he didn't hit them, I don't know. It was terrifying.

“I’ve been on the roads policing unit for 17 years, and I’ve never seen anything like that before.

"I was just terrified for other people. It’s not the damage he can do to himself, which is going to happen, it’s the danger he’s giving to other members of the public.

"Had he crossed the carriageway into oncoming vehicles, we could have been looking at fatalities, had he gone into any roadworks and hit a member of the maintenance crew, people could have died.”