West Yorkshire Police seize illegal taxi which turned up to take crash victim home

Police were called to a crash on Friday - and then had to seize the taxi which was called to pick up one of the crash victims.

The illegal vehicle which turned up to the call. Photo: West Yorkshire Police

Police were called out to an RTC in Bradford on Friday. While at the scene, a taxi was called to pick up one of the people involved.

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But the taxi which turned up had been declared SORNed - which means that the vehicle had been declared as not in use on the roads and was not legal to be driven.

In an unbelievable slice of luck for the police - or an incredible moment of stupidity for the taxi driver - the police ran a quick check and found that the car was showing as SORN.

West Yorkshire Police said: "Taxi arrives to pick folk up following an RTC, unfortunately Taxi is showing as SORN. New booking required."

The incident prompted calls for more checks on taxis.

Alex Buttery‏ said: "@WYP_RPU killed two birds with one stone it’s about time they got clamped down on."

M. Azam‏ said: "They should be checked more because most of them are dodgy when they are flooded other cities and not working in their own patches they think they get away with out checks.

"Great job officers salute you guys."