'Wherever you are, my love will find you' - Libby Squire's mother's heartbroken tribute as hundreds gather for Hull University student's funeral

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The heartbroken mother of Hull University student Libby Squire bravely fought back her tears as she stood in front of hundreds of her daughter's friends and family to pay a special tribute to the 21-year-old.

Lisa Squire thanked the 360-strong congregation who filled the picturesque St Lawrence's Church in Libby's hometown of West Wycombe to celebrate the young student's life, before paying her own special tribute to her daughter, referencing her favourite childhood book 'Wherever you are, my love will find you'.

The funeral of Hull University student Libby Squire.

The funeral of Hull University student Libby Squire.

She recalled the happy childhood memories they shared as a family, before thanking everyone for the support given to the family since Libby's disappearance after a night out in Hull on the early hours of February 1. Tragically her body was discovered six weeks later in the Humber Estuary on March 20.

Mrs Squire said: "Thank you to all our friends, family and neighbours for the love and support given to us. We would not have got through any of this without you and personally I would like to say thank you."

Libby's hearse arrived at the church in a vintage 1920s black car filled with dozens of white roses - a flower described by Libby's family as "very special" to her.

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The funeral of Libby Squire.

The funeral of Libby Squire.

People young and old had travelled from near and far to say their final goodbyes. Many of her student friends had brought their own flowers to place on Libby's coffin, along with their own pictures of her.

The 45-minute-long service was led by the Reverend Jenny Ellis.

Addressing the congregation, the Reverend said: "We all have our memories and stories of Libby. We maybe have our regrets - a thoughtless word, an unredeemed promise, the knowledge that there will be no next time. During our prayers, we will have opportunity to offer those things to God. And here's a thing - from talking to Lisa and Russell, and hearing what Lisa said earlier, I know that they have n regrets about the time they had with Libby. The last words Lisa and Libby ever spoke to each other were words of love - I love you - I love you - I love you more - No, I love you more."

Hull Community Church Leader Anne Dannerolle also led The Lord's Prayer, as Mrs Squire thanked her for travelling 200 plus miles from Hull to be with Libby and her family.

Libby Squire.

Libby Squire.

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A special video montage, put together by a friend of Libby's, featuring photographs of her from being a young child right up to her final student years, was then played to the congregation accompanied by three very special songs unique to Libby and her family. These included You'll Be In My Heart by Phil Collins, Shine by Take That and Lucky by Christof Van der Ven.

During the video, mourners were invited to go and place their hand upon Libby's coffin and say their final goodbye, before the closing hymn Thine Be the Glory.

The funeral congregation lined the churchyard path and clapped as Libby made her final journey out of St Lawrence's church and to a private service where she will be cremated.

Speaking after the funeral, Reverend Ellis said: "Libby's friends and family have been coming up to me and saying the words I spoke really meant a lot to them and they have changed their own views on life thanks to Libby.

"In the service I said to them that when they leave from here they should tell the person you love them, redeem that promise you made, make that phone call to the friend you are always meaning to catch up with, never part on a casual or angry word. make yours a life that will be one of no regrets and let that be your lasting tribute to Libby and her family.

"Libby's legacy will live on and she will never be forgotten."