Yorkshire ambulance worker, 33, who sexually assaulted 15-year-old girl he met on Snapchat jailed

An ambulance service worker who bombarded a 15-year-old girl with inappropriate messages on social media before sexually assaulting her has been jailed for more than seven years.

Jamie Robinson, 33, from Thorne near Doncaster, asked the teenager if she wanted to lose her virginity to him in messages that he sent to her on platforms including Snapchat and Facebook.

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Robinson, of West Street, Thorne, then sent the girl multiple messages urging her to visit him at his flat.

Jamie Robinson

Detective Sergeant Kath Coulter said: "The victim did not want to go to the flat and told him a number of times that she was busy. However, Robinson's messages became increasingly aggressive and she was becoming upset by them. Due to his constant harassment, she reluctantly agreed to meet him."

Robinson picked up the victim away from the view of her home in September 2019.

DS Coulter added: "Robinson took her back to his flat and there sexually assaulted her, despite the victim crying and telling him to stop. Even after the victim shouted at him to stop and demanded he take her back home, he continued to touch her inappropriately and make sexual comments."

The victim made an online report to Childline about what had happened and Robinson was arrested, later making no comment in interviews.

On Tuesday December 7 at Sheffield Crown Court a jury found Robinson guilty of two counts of sexual assault and one count of assault by penetration following a trial.

Two dats later was sentenced to seven and a half years in prison for the assault by penetration and two and a half years for the sexual assaults, to run concurrently.

The judge, Recorder Keir Monteith QC, commended the victim for having the bravery to contact Childline and the police. He also said that Robinson had taken advantage of his position of trust, and set out with a significant amount of planning to commit the offences.

DS Coulter said: "This young victim has been left traumatised by what happened to her and I commend her bravery in coming forward and reporting Robinson's vile behaviour. She was left very frightened and distressed after her horrendous ordeal and didn't initially report it or tell her mum as she was worried about getting into trouble.

"I want to be very clear - a victim will never get in trouble with the police for reporting these crimes. We are there to listen to you, support you and seek justice for what has happened, and I am satisfied that in this case justice has been served."