Yorkshire police officer 'put pregnant former partner in choke hold'

Generic picture of a police officer.
Generic picture of a police officer.
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A West Yorkshire Police officer is alleged to have assaulted his former partner on numerous occasions including putting her in a choke hold when she was eight months pregnant.

PC Dean Wolstencroft is alleged to have breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour in relation to Discreditable Conduct and Authority, Respect and Courtesy, and is the subject of a misconduct hearing at the force's headquarters in Wakefield.

The hearing heard on Monday how the officer was in a relationship with his alleged victim - who is also a police officer for the West Yorkshire Police force- for around eight years.

The couple had broken up in February 2017, but remained living together at their home in Huddersfield due to mortgage commitments.

It was in February last year, when PC Wolstencroft is alleged to have assaulted the woman when she was eight months pregnant.

She said: "We had been arguing, he was in front of me and I remember being pushed back. Out of nowhere he grabbed me around the neck and started pushing me sideways.

"I thought my life and my baby's life was in danger and I started shouting and screaming and he let go of me."

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The woman alleged their had been a history of domestic violence in their eight year relationship and alleges she was assaulted on several other occasions.

The first incident is alleged to have happened when the couple were on holiday in Cyprus. The woman stated they had got into an argument after he had started drinking, was ignoring her and had his eyes on a female entertainer.

A row followed and they returned to their room where PC Wolstencroft is alleged to have slapped her across the face.

Fighting back tears, the woman said: "I was in shock, I had never been hit like that before and I just didn't expect it.

"He said to me that my son wasn't there to protect me and I felt like I had no one."

The woman also told the hearing how she thought she had broken her ribs on one occasion after she alleges PC Wolstencroft pushed her, which resulted in her landing on the radiator in the hallway of her home.

She said that she believes PC Wolstencroft is an alcoholic and that on each of the alleged attacks he had been drinking heavily.

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She said: "When he first started drinking he was fine, but it was just like someone switching a switch. You could be happy and talking about normal things and then the switch would go on and he would make an argument. I started going to bed early to stay away from him.

"When he wasn't drinking he was lovely and we used to have a laugh, but when he had been on the alcohol it was like a monster coming out and a completely different person."

On another occasion, in September 2015, he is alleged to have thrown a lighter at her eye after she had got home from a night shift and bought her youngest son a pizza.

She said: "I felt the most horrendous pain in my eye and I fell to the floor, I didn't know what had happened, I even thought I had gone blind for a minute.

"I managed to get up and ran into the bathroom and saw blood pouring out of my eye."

The woman rang NHS Direct and was told to go to hospital for treatment.

She attended Huddersfield Royal Infirmary, but told doctors she had been getting undressed in the dark and hit her eye on the table.

She said: "I didn't tell the truth because of the shame and embarrassment and I didn't want my family to find out."

The woman didn't report the abuse to police until a separate incident on July 8, last when PC Wolstencroft is alleged to have attended her home and slapped her on the face in front of her 14-week-old baby.

PC Wolstencroft denies all of the allegations.

The hearing continues.