The Yorkshire police officers sacked in 2019

They are there to protect the public 24/7. Police officers are seen as highly regarded members of society leading by example, but so far this year nine officers have been sacked from forces across Yorkshire for gross misconduct.

Several police officers from across Yorkshire have been dismissed for misconduct so far in 2019.
Several police officers from across Yorkshire have been dismissed for misconduct so far in 2019.

Their offences range from alleged sexual assaults to drink driving and calling in claiming to be sick whilst working another paid job.

Here the Yorkshire Post takes a look at each case:

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January 2019 : A South Yorkshire PCSO called in sick claiming she was too ill to work when really she was getting paid for being a hypnotherapist. A misconduct hearing heard how the former PCSO failed to seek authorisation before completing her paid work as a hypnotherapist.

She was found guilty of gross misconduct for honesty, integrity, orders and instructions.

The PCSO had already left her post, but would have been dismissed if still employed by South Yorkshire Police

February 2019: A police staff member from South Yorkshire Police was sacked after the force upheld accusations he sexually assaulted three women over a period of 18 years.

The male staff member was dismissed without notice after an independent panel ruled that on evidence presented at the hearing, the allegations made by three women had "more likely than not" taken place.

The ruling was made after a criminal investigation, carried out by another police force, resulted in no criminal charges being brought against the man.

But South Yorkshire Police’s panel decided the conduct amounted to gross misconduct and the only appropriate sanction was dismissal without notice.

An official report about the misconduct hearing on the South Yorkshire Police website said: "Allegations were made by three different women over a period of 18 years that a member of police staff sexually assaulted them.

"An independent panel decided that on the evidence presented at the hearing that it is more likely than not that the incidents reported did take place. In view of this, the panel decided the conduct amounted to gross misconduct and the only appropriate sanction was dismissal without notice.

"An independent panel decided the conduct amounted to gross misconduct and the only appropriate sanction was dismissal without notice.

"The member of staff appealed the decision and a separate independent panel was convened, which upheld the original sanction of dismissal without notice."

February 2019: Special Constable Stephanie Gill from West Yorkshire Police failed to report or take any action of a potential criminal offence committed by someone she was in a relationship with.

The West Yorkshire force said the former Special Constable failed to complete the relevant police form to record her " inappropriate and notifiable personal association and relationship with this same person until required to do so by West Yorkshire Police".

The force only found out about the relationship following information received from another police force.

An official report about SC Gill's misconduct hearing on the West Yorkshire Police website said: "Former SC Gill continued with this association and despite being told on April 20, 2018 that this association and relationship was inappropriate and former SC Gill indicating that she had ended the relationship.

"SC Gill knowingly acted in breach of force policy and the Standard of Professional Behaviour by continuing this inappropriate association and relationship.

"The officer has since resigned from the force.

"The charges were proved and the officer would have been dismissed without notice had she still been a serving officer."

March 2019: A South Yorkshire police officer was convicted of driving over the legal drink drive limit following a court hearing.

The male officer appealed the conviction but this was dismissed at court.

A special case hearing, chaired by Chief Constable Watson took place in relation to an allegation of discreditable conduct.

The Chief Constable decided that the officer would have been dismissed without notice if he was still serving as a police officer.

He has been placed on the College of Policing barred list.

March 2019: PC Richard Sloan from West Yorkshire Police grabbed and pushed his partner on three separate occasions between September 27, 2017 and October 2, 2017.

He also used coercive and controlling behaviour and is alleged to have sent a message to his victim containing racist comments via social media.

The charges against him were proved and he was dismissed without notice.

March 2019: PC Christopher Birkett , from South Yorkshire Police, used covert devices to listen in on his former wife's conversations more than 1,300 times after they broke up.

Burkitt bought the woman an iPhone docking station, baby monitor and USB charger ‘as a gift’ following the break-up of their marriage in March 2017.

A police misconduct hearing heard how the woman moved into a rented property, with the couple's three children, but that all three appliances had listening devices.

Burkitt listened in to her conversations a total of 1,333 times, including 52 when he was on duty as an officer, between March 2017 and August 2017.

The woman only discovered the items were bugged 'by accident' when she looked at Birkett's Amazon account.

He was dismissed from the force without notice.

March 2019: West Yorkshire Police Detective Constable Judith Mulligan had contacted police on 999 to report a burglary at her home on September 27, 2013.

Officers from West Yorkshire Police attended the scene and carried out a search of the area. Two men were found nearby and arrested on suspicion of attempt burglary.

Following an identity parade, Mulligan positively identified both suspects.

They were found guilty of the offence at court and sentenced.

A subsequent investigation into another matter however revealed a conversation via text between Mulligan and other offers which gave reference to her being given sight of police photographs of both suspects prior to the identity parade taking place.

Mulligan was arrested for Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice.

A trial took place at Leeds Crown Court in January this year, where Mulligan was found guilty.

She was sentenced to 12 months in prison, suspended for two years.

The charges were proved and Mulligan was dismissed without notice.

April 2019: Former West Yorkshire PC Nabil Fiaz was the registered keeper of a vehicle involved in a number of speeding offences in the South Yorkshire area on June 12, 2017 and in West Yorkshire on July 17, 2017.

It was alleged that, on both occasions, Mr Fiaz failed to provide the correct details of the driver at the time of the offences.

The offences were proved against the officer, who had already left his post.

The misconduct panel said Mr Fiaz would have been dismissed if he had still been serving with the force.

May 2019: PC Joynal Hannan violently attacked his wife in front of their children, hitting her while she lay defenceless on the floor.

PC Hannan, who had served as an officer in Bradford since 2004, carried out the sustained attack on his wife following an argument on the evening of April 13, 2018.

He was found guilty of assault and criminal damage following a trial at Leeds Magistrates Court earlier this year and was sentenced to 26 weeks in prison, suspended for 18 months.

He was also made subject to a restraining order and ordered to undertake a rehabilitation course.

A misconduct hearing, held at the force’s headquarters in Wakefield found PC Hannan guilty of gross misconduct.

Temporary West Yorkshire Police Chief Constable John Constable chaired the hearing and said the “compelling evidence” given constituted gross misconduct.

He said: “PC Hannan’s conduct and behaviour was not only criminal but fell far below the standard expected of a serving police officer whether on or off duty.”

The Chief Constable added: “The reputation of West Yorkshire Police has been brought into disrepute and unless the public see decisive action there confidence will be adversely affected.

“Without hesitation is in the public interest for PC Hannan to be dismissed immediately.”

He has been placed on the College of Policing barred list.

Detective chief superintendent Simon Bottomley, from West Yorkshire Police’s professional standards directorate said: “The behaviour of this officer was quite simply unacceptable and completely at odds with the standards that we expect from our officers and staff and this is reflected in the outcome of today’s hearing.”