Yorkshire stone paving worth £5,000 stolen from Halifax church vicarage

YORKSHIRE stone paving worth around £5,000 has been stolen from the grounds of a historic Halifax church vicarage in an incident which has been described as 'deplorable.'


Around 100 paving stones were taken from a path outside the vicarage of St Annes in the Grove on Church Lane, Southowram, Halifax.

Martin Heathcote, church warden at St Annes, discovered the stones were gone yesterday (Frid Oct 14) lunchtime.

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He said: “It would have taken at least two three people and an enormous vehicle. They must have been there for three hours picking them up.

“They are part of a vicarage which was built in the late 1800s. These are Yorkshire stones which have been down all that time.

“We are upset and distraught. We have over £5,000 worth of stones missing. It is a beautiful old vicarage and this has just spoiled the whole effect.

“All the diocese can do now is put concrete down, because if you put more flags down they will just come and take them again.

“It is deplorable that people can come and make money out of the church when the Church of England does a lot for everyone else,”

West Yorkshire Poloice are investigating. Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101.