Yorkshire teacher jailed after spanking teenage pupil for sexual gratification

Kevin Shaw was jailed for 15 months.
Kevin Shaw was jailed for 15 months.
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A Hull teacher who spanked a teenage pupil on the bottom with a shoe did it for sexual gratification and his actions had "absolutely nothing to do with discipline", according to a judge who jailed him for 15 months.

Retired teacher Kevin Shaw, 55, left the dock at Hull Crown Court in handcuffs on Friday after Judge John Thackray QC told him: "You used the cloak of discipline to hide your sexual interest in the victim."

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The judge opened his sentencing remarks by saying he wanted to make it absolutely clear that this offending had nothing to do with corporal punishment and that he wanted "no mistake within the community as to what this case involved."

Shaw was found guilty of indecent assault by a jury that heard how the incident happened in the 1990s at the school which is now Winifred Holtby Secondary school in the Bransholme area of Hull.

The trial heard how the teacher took the boy into a store room after the teenager had misbehaved and gave him a choice of having his parents told or submit to a spanking with a sand shoe.

The court heard how Shaw gave the youngster a further choice of 10 blows on his bottom with his clothes on or five on his bare behind.

The complainant described how he opted for the 10 with his clothes on but, when he cried with pain and fell forward, begging him to stop, Shaw again gave him the option of the lesser number of blows and he took down his trousers and pants before continuing.

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Judge Thackray said he had no doubt the whole incident was a planned pretence for the defendant to see the boy's genitals and to smack his bare bottom.

He told Shaw: "All this was for your sexual gratification" and to "satisfy your perverted desires".

The judge added: "I didn't detect a shred of remorse."

The court heard how the complainant had lived with shame for letting the incident happen to him for years and he suffered a breakdown in 2017.

In a personal statement read to the court, the man described how he felt "powerless at the time".

He said he still had flashbacks even though it was more than 20 years ago.

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The man said that he remembered the physical pain but "the humiliation and the indignity was even worse".

The judge said Shaw had done something similar with another teenager and sexually propositioned a third but these did not result in criminal charges.

Grey-haired Shaw, of Perth Street West, Hull, sat in the dock listening to the judge wearing a grey suit, striped shirt and a blue tie.

The defendant, who is married with no children, showed no emotion as he was led from the dock after being handcuffed.