Curbs on showers over phone picture fears

FEARS that young people could be filmed naked on mobile phones have led to restrictions on use of the showers at a Yorkshire football club.

Ripon City Panthers Junior FC is concerned that an image recorded on one phone as a prank could be transmitted to many others and even end up on the internet where it could be viewed by paedophiles.

As a result, players have generally have been bathing at home after matches rather than using the showers at the ground in Hell Wath Lane, Ripon.

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Child welfare officer John Watson said the players, aged between seven and 18, were only using the showers if it was excessively cold weather, or if their parents wanted them to bathe at the club, or for medical reasons, such as having cuts and bruises.

Mr Watson said the policy had been in place for years since the club was built and there had not been any complaints.

"What we don't want is someone taking a picture as a joke. Before you know it will be on 300 phones and – God forbid – it could end up in the wrong hands."

Meanwhile, in Huddersfield leisure bosses have defended a policy which prevents men and women from getting undressed in a public pool's changing area when school children are present.

The rule has been implemented at council-owned Scissett Baths "in order to protect all of our customers against any potential incidents" and as as a response to laws requiring vulnerable groups, including children, to be safeguarded.