Curtain down on night flights

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From: Sandra Joyce, Horsforth, Leeds.

HAS anyone noticed the scheduled flight arrivals at Leeds and Bradford airport this summer? Flight times such as 1am, 2am etc.

Most people believe the operating hours are from 6am until midnight and after this, only in exceptional circumstances.

This airport is empty most of the day so why night flights?

Could anyone tell me if there has been any meetings or consultations on these changes, as I certainly haven’t seen any, or can anyone provide further information?

Nature knows
floods answer

From: Cecil Jackson, Sandfield Close, Market Weighton.

WITH regard to the article by Liam Creedon (Yorkshire Post, February 26) and the puerile persuasions of an ill-informed Environment Agency. Strangely, animals and birds have always seemed to have had an in-built sense of catastrophe! They have had no help, hence the inundation of holts, burrows, setts and nests which were in all probability built well above the water levels.

However, even their intuitions could not foresee the impending disaster. Perhaps some of the monies so generously given by our munificent government could have been spent more judicially at home. Someday we shall, I hope, see the fruition of the adage “Charity begins at home“.

Fuming at cars

From: Brian Sheridan, Redmires Road, Sheffield.

I ENTIRELY agree with David F Chambers that smoking while driving is a risk to road safety (Yorkshire Post, February 26). Since it is illegal to eat and use a mobile phone at the wheel then why not smoking and/or fiddling with in-car entertainment equipment?