Cut off gas for fracking activists

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From: Bernard Robinson, Midland Terrace, Hellifield, Skipton.

i THINK it is time to do something about the people who are demonstrating about shale gas drilling. They are costing the police a lot of money.

The Government ought to 
get their names and addresses and then cut off their gas 

If they think we can do without gas, let them be the first to try. The only thing the green levies do is put up the fuel costs. If we covered the country with wind turbines we would not have any power when the wind did not blow.

If we are sitting on a lot of our own gas then that is what we should be using instead of importing it thousands of miles and paying some other country for it.

King claims

From: Allen Jenkinson, Lipscomb Street, Milnsbridge, Huddersfield.

Are we sure these bones found in Leicester really are the mortal remains of Richard III?

The only link is someone who is 20 or so generations down the line.

Why don’t they simply dig up the remains of Edward IV, Richard’s brother – they know where they are – and take a sample from them?

Surely it would be much more definitive and then they might stop trying to make the facts fit the story.

Debt formula

From: Geoff Wilson, Forest Crescent, Harrogate.

In view of the forthcoming vote on Scottish independence, are the Scots prepared to take their share of the national debt according to the Barnett Formula?

Ask teenagers

From: Anne Painter, Spring Lane, Crofton.

SURELY the opinions of teenagers today matter when deciding on HS2? It is they, after all, who will be expected in the future to return the billions that 
it will cost to fund this great