Cut-price supermarkets get my custom by the trolley load

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From: Martin Fletcher, Flanders Court, Thorpe Hesley, Rotherham.

THE graph of the big supermarkets is about right (The Yorkshire Post, May 3). But note that Waitrose does not really compete with the big four and certainly not Aldi or Lidl. They compete with M&S in selling the same goods as the others but at dearer prices.

I have not shopped at Tesco for over eight years due to aggressive buying of property so others cannot get a foot in and coercion of councils in small towns to allow them a supermarket.

Rotherham Council has already allowed them to build a monstrosity just at the start of the town centre and a lot of smaller towns have one which was not needed. Especially their local Tesco stores which only compete with the independents on similar prices except loss leaders where they try to put the locals out of business.

As a rule of thumb, I do not shop at Sainsbury’s which as you show is dearer than the others. I have no cast favourite. I buy staples and basics from Lidl and Aldi and have bought their electrical items which are a lot less than the well known brands and have a three year warranty. I can use both of those without going to any others much.

I go to Asda for basics and branded goods I cannot get at the above two. Just remember, if it was not for Lidl and Aldi, none of the big four would have cheaper own brands.

I use Morrisons for fresh decent bread that is not available at the others in the same styles, and their meat if not going to a butcher. I also buy their own brands.

I also use Farm Foods if doing a big freezer fill up as I can do it all in the one store and now and again Iceland. So there is a part to play for most of these if they are close together and you want the best of each.

The questions never really asked, or answered, in the newspapers is how can Aldi and Lidl do such good variety and quality and the others cannot? And how can Iceland deliver for free over £25 but the others charge at least £3.50 and Morrisons want a £40 order on top of it? Not much good for two pensioners.

Lastly, why don’t you mention somewhere that Poundshop are now online and there is a new one “Here For A Pound” with a £3.95 delivery charge or no charge over £15 sales?

I used to get all my toiletries at Home Bargains but having moved it is too far away to make it worthwhile.

Most people can easily do £15 for toilet rolls, kitchen rolls, bleach and spray disinfectants plus aerosols etc.