Cuts may force up cost of council care services

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THE new leader of Bradford Council says the cost of care services could go up as the authority looks to make another £35m of cuts.

The council, which has already slashed more than £80m from its budget in two years, has lifted the threat of closure from Whetley Hill day centre following a public outcry.

Council leader David Green, who is expected to announce his first Cabinet next week, said that in order to fund such centres while still making cuts, there could be increased charges.

Coun Green said: “Following consultation we removed the threat of closure to Whetley Hall. We are trying to deliver services with reduced budgets, and therefore there may be increased costs in some areas.

“We are looking at ways of retaining services at an affordable level in the face if massive cuts.”

Coun Green said Government cuts would disproportionately hit Bradford. “There is a lot of pressure in Bradford – infant mortality is a major issue, there are illnesses relating to our industrial past and there are long standing problems connected with poor quality housing.

“We have got to put in place policies and support now, so that those problems do not keep repeating themselves. However it is difficult at a time of mass budget cuts not to concentrate on the problems immediately in front of you rather than those that will see benefits in 40 or 50 years time.”