Cutting-edge technology to help Yorkshire Rows team cross Atlantic

The Yorkshire Rows team
The Yorkshire Rows team
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The Yorkshire Rows team will benefit from cutting-edge marine technology - which is being used for the first time on a boat - when they start the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge

The team of four women will not have to clean barnacles off the side of the boat, when they take part in the race across the ocean, because it is benefiting from the Glidecoat process, delivered by Cavendish Aviation.

Glidecoat is the application of a layer of protection to the surface of the boat. It will combat some threats that could cause drag in the water, which would cost the team precious time. It is described as “hydrophobic” - which relates to the repelling of water.

After race organisers had approved of the technology, the Yorkshire Rows boat was sent to Cavendish Aviation’s aircraft hanger in Essex. The technology was then applied across the body of the 40 feet craft and oars.

Paul Stansfield, of Cavendish Aviation, said: “Glidecoat has already been making waves on both sides of the Atlantic in the aviation industry as the number one protection process for planes and Yorkshire Rows will be the first to reap the nautical benefits of our water-repellent technology.

“Less than half of the entries finished last year’s race but we’re confident that Glidecoat will give Yorkshire Rows that extra push as they look to compete the Atlantic Challenge and break existing records.”

Yorkshire Rows are raising money for Yorkshire Air Ambulance. Cavendish Aviation’s headquarters are next door to the charity’s Essex colleagues, so they appreciate the work of the air ambulances as much as anybody.

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