Cyber security company DigitalXRAID thriving and helping Doncaster youth

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DigitalXRAID a Doncaster cyber security company is creating opportunities for local tech enthusiasts

But, fear not Dr Who fans, this invasion is not by cyborgs, but cybersecurity experts.

Team at DigitalXRAID

Team at DigitalXRAID

DigitalXRAID is creating opportunities aplenty for tech enthusiasts from their Cavendish Court premises.

It is a dedicated Cyber Security company offering industry leading and award-winning cybersecurity services to both the public and private sectors.

Co-owner and chief executive d co-owner Rick Jones, from Whitley, said: “We specialise in offering industry-leading cyber assurance services at a Government-certified level to help businesses understand exposure and impact caused through cyber attacks.”

They offer a range of services to the UK and international clients including Government-certified ethical hacking service and bespoke packages.

DigitalXRaid logo.

DigitalXRaid logo.

“Nationally there are maybe only 35 companies that are accredited to our level to provide the cyber assurance services to her majesty’s central government, working on national critical infrastructure,” added Rick.

The company helps organisations understand their security risks and give them the insight to become better protected against cyber attacks.

Co-owner Scott Goodwin, from Sprotbrough, said: “We mainly highlight the risks or potential issues that could arise through a series of testing, then give the information back to the business owners or individuals.

“It’s a big education piece, especially in the SME market where not a lot of businesses in that area understand the cyber threat.

“We want to make sure that anyone who engages with this company comes out the other end more secure.”

Their clientele covers a wide range of industries including multinationals, Government projects and SME businesses.

“I often get asked who is your customer demographic. It’s anybody who has an internet connection and has an asset of some value,” said Rick.

He linked the rise in the need for a cybersecurity service with the increase of internet hackers who have the ability to cause damage to both people and businesses.

“The first year’s challenge was being able to convey that cyber services were important, as they’re not always seen as a necessity,” added Rick.

But as big companies require more and more data protection the SME’s who work with them need to up their cybersecurity game, which is where DigitalXRAID specialise.

Both Rick and Scott have worked in the network for the last 20 years, but decided to set up a business together in 2015.

By November 2016 they had their first order and then had their first office in Askern.

They decided to keep DigitalXRAID in Doncaster and moved their office to Cavendish Court in the Doncaster Town Centre.

Rick said: “We were never businessmen, we were technical guys. But we thought we could do this.”

And their decision has paid off as, from 2016 to 2017, they had a 150 per cent growth and between 2017 and 2018 they grew by 400 per cent.

Collecting a few accolades along the way, in the National Cyber Security Awards 2018 they won Business Start-Up of the Year.

They also won SME of the year at the Doncaster Chamber Awards 2018.

They do not plan on stopping there either,as in 2019 they hope to grow even more by hiring more employees and expanding services.

Scott said: “We partially chose Doncaster because we knew there weren’t any tech hubs like this in Doncaster, but we knew it was a great base. As we’re not a city-dependent business, it makes sense to house ourselves here and give something back to the local community.” Many of their staff are from the local area and they would have had to move away to progress their careers if DigitalXRAID had not been based in the town.

Cyber essentials team leader Matt Morris, from Carcroft, said: “It’s a local opportunity you don’t often find, especially further up north, when obviously most of the jobs are in London.

“To find somewhere here was a great opportunity, I’ve really loved so far.”

They offer a range of services to UK and international clients including government-certified ethical hacking service and bespoke packages (see here).

Check out all the services they offer here.