Dad’s an inspiration says Chris Waddle’s daughter Brooke as she prepares to follow in his footsteps

Brooke Waddle performing on The Voice
Brooke Waddle performing on The Voice
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Her dad was a famous name who appeared on Top of the Pops - and now, almost 30 years later, this Yorkshire-based woman is following in his footsteps by appearing on BBC’s The Voice this Saturday.

Brooke Waddle, of Sheffield, is the daughter of Chris, the former Sheffield Wednesday and England football star, who famously sang Diamond Lights in 1987. Chris was part of the duo Hoddle and Waddle, who reached the top 20 of the singles chart with that song.

Brooke, 27, takes inspiration from her dad - and does like watching that old footage of him on stage with a mic alongside his singing partner Glenn Hoddle, the former England footballer.

“It’s certainly as 80s as it gets,” she said, discussing Diamond Lights. “My dad jokes that my brother has got the football side of him and I’ve got the singing side. He comes to all of my gigs when he’s not working. People get a shock when they see that he’s in the club.

“His tastes have all influenced me. I’m a believer that your music tastes can be traced back to your mum and dad. My dad was a bit of a mod.

“I’m very proud of him. He has worked hard for all he has got and has taken setbacks on the chin.”

One of those setbacks was when he famously missed a penalty in England’s World Cup semi-final defeat against Germany in 1990 - but Chris bounced back and went on to shine for Sheffield Wednesday in their runs to cup finals. He scored for Wednesday in the 1993 FA Cup final replay against Arsenal at Wembley - having also scored against rivals Sheffield United in the semi-final win at the same venue.

Being a football star’s daughter has had its ups and downs for Brooke. “People can be rude and they can also be lovely about it,” she said. “There are people who do view me first as Chris Waddle’s daughter, rather than Brooke Waddle. I’d like to be known as Brooke Waddle the singer, who happens to be Chris Waddle’s daughter.”

Her profile as a singer will certainly be helped when she appears as a contestant on The Voice this Saturday. That growth of her own status will help her in her charitable work, as she raises funds for people who are terminally ill and want to continue to live at home rather than in hospital.

Brooke’s song for The Voice show is I’ve Got The Music In Me by The Kiki Dee Band. It will give her a national audience, having spent recent years singing in social clubs.

“We’ll be sat around the TV on Saturday night,” she said. “I’m very excited - and nervous. I’ll probably have some G and T to help the nerves.”

Being in a sociable environment is something Brooke enjoys, as she performs before and after the bingo, a few times a month. Those nights - with their cheap drinks - are loved by her.

“I really like the scene,” she said. “I’m actually a northern soul singer so it fits that. I really know I’ve Got The Music In Me well - and it goes down well in the clubs. It’s a brilliant one for me to be singing on The Voice.”