Dairy farmers are facing battle to break even

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From: David Smith, Brimham Rocks Road, Harrogate.

I WOULD like to congratulate Anne McIntosh MP for her article (Yorkshire Post, July 18) in supporting the plight of all dairy farmers.

Following a meeting that she chaired on July 17, Asda has promised an extra two pence per litre from August 1.

While all extra payments are welcome, it is only for the Arla/Asda producers, meaning there will be a difference of three pence per litre between us and the non-aligned producers. Is it meant to drive a wedge?

We are all going to stand together and pressurise other supermarkets and discount stores to come up with at least two pence per litre by August 1. We all then need another two pence per litre within the next two months just to break even.

I am sure Mansel Raymond (at last, a NFU man who really speaks up for the dairy sector) has made people aware of the situation regarding the extremely wet weather, which means poor quality silage and lots of cows inside this summer on full winter rations. With bought-in feed costs going through the roof, we all face a very expensive winter.

I am sure one answer is to get all retailers to stop discounting so much for four pints of milk for £1. Some retailers try and claim they are saving the consumer money in a time of recession. If so, why do they charge more for bottled water than milk? We know it is just a ploy to win shoppers from their competitors.

We will soon find we cannot maintain the high standards 
of hygiene and animal 
welfare that are now expected 
of us.

If we are not able to make a small profit we will not be able to invest for the future and 
our suppliers will soon feel 
the pinch.

There are very few of the younger generation interested 
in dairy farming and those 
that are must commit 
themselves to working seven 
days a week.