Dan Jarvis faces down would-be mugger

Dan Jarvis MP
Dan Jarvis MP
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if you had to pick an MP to mug, few would put former paratrooper Dan Jarvis at the top of their list.

But that is exactly what happened when Barnsley MP faced down a would-be mugger with the words “that’s not going to happen”.

The shadow justice minister has revealed he was outside London’s Kings Cross station when a man with a bottle in his hand threatened to kill him if he did not hand over his wallet.

Mr Jarvis has served in locations slightly more difficult than central London, with tours of duty in Sierra Leone, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan, and made clear to the drunken assailant the option put forward was not acceptable.

The former Special Forces major said: “This guy came up to me with a bottle and tried to kill me. “I walked into the Tube and the man, who was clearly very drunk and aggressive, came over and said if I didn’t give him my wallet he would break the bottle over my head.

“I said ‘that’s not going to happen’ and we stood and faced each other off for what seemed like quite a long time.”

The MP told the Sun nation website: “I had visions of us rolling around on the platform, but thankfully it didn’t come to that. I walked away thinking ‘he’s going to hit me from behind’ but he didn’t and I went and reported it to the police.”

Mr Jarvis, a father of three, became the first serving MP to be honoured for his military service in 2011, an honour handed to him for discovering a new method of discovering roadside bombs, a move thought to have saved many lives.