Dancers step into uniform as Army recruits

THREE former dancers from East Yorkshire have swapped their dancing shoes for Army boots after enlisting in Hull.

Charley-Ann Ancaster, a former ballet dancer from Goole, and Laura Davies and Robyn Anderson, both 17 and from Hull's Bransholme estate, swore their Oath of Allegiance at Hull's Armed Forces Careers Office.

Miss Ancaster, 18, has joined the Royal Army Medical Corps as a Combat Medical Technician, while free-style street dancer Miss Davies and disco dancer Miss Anderson both enlisted in the Royal Artillery as Gunners.

They were joined by Victoria Kilby, 19, also from Bransholme, who also becomes a Gunner, and Andrew Bosman, 23, from Sutton, Hull, who joins the Yorkshire Regiment as an infantryman.

All five start their phase one training next week when they will learn soldierly skills including fieldcraft, map reading, handling and firing a weapon and camouflage techniques.

After a passing out parade the recruits will then undergo further training to learn their specific roles, with Mr Bosman carrying out all parts of his training at the Infantry Training Centre at Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire.

Miss Ancaster, from Goole, said: "I've swapped one theatre for another as I've gone from dancing ballet at the Royal Albert to joining the Army as a CMT.

"The Army is traditionally perceived as a man's world and when I told people that I wanted to change my career path they were surprised, but I've always had the desire to better myself, rise to a challenge and explore the world."

She added: "Another reason I decided to join was because one of my friends is in the infantry and after hearing him talk about what he'd been up to and the adventures he'd had, I knew I wanted to get as close to the front line as possible."

Miss Ancaster will be responsible for supporting Army doctors by providing emergency first aid and front-line casualty evacuation, as well as looking after the daily medical needs of soldiers in both times of conflict and peace.

Major Hamish MacCunn, Army Recruiting Officer for the Humberside area, said: "They'll not only gain practical skills but they will also experience unrivalled camaraderie that only a career in the armed forces can offer."