The dark secrets of Leeds' 'Satanic mills'

The eerie Armley Mills building is often referred to as the Satanic mills' because of the dark secrets it is said to hide.

Armley Mills
Armley Mills

Dating back to the 16th century, the mill was once the largest wool mill in the world - and a notorious workhouse.

Children as young as six were made to work there and - due to the appalling conditions - many workers lost their lives.

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Some of those souls are thought to still haunt the the building, and there have been countless spine-tingling reports of a lost child heard crying, and of a lady in a black dress roaming the building.

Ghosts at Temple Newsam

Temple Newsam is said to house ghosts including those of Phoebe Gray and the so-called “Blue Lady”, Mary Ingram.

Phoebe was a young maid who was working at the great house in 1704, the night of a party to celebrate the victory of the Duke of Marlborough at the Battle of Blenheim. Phoebe returned from taking a drink upstairs via the back staircase, and was stopped by estate worker William Collinson, who was determined to steal a kiss.

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